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Client Objective:  Reduce HR Expenditure

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Before the start of every busy summer season, Six Flags hosts an orientation program and conducts an evaluation of its prospective seasonal summer workers. Six Flag's Human Resources Department typically spent multiple days each spring showing videos, presenting information to prospective employees, and testing them on the material. This required on site administrators and proctors which represented a significant expenditure of time and financial resources.

The Solution:   A Portable Orientation, Training and Tracking Package

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A comprehensive package that included: videos, park schedules and policies, labor laws for managers, orientation information, and a secure testing and tracking section. A portable CD-ROM format enabled prospective employees to review the information and take the associated qualifying tests at their convenience.

The Results:  Reduced Hours and Costs for Six Flags Human Resources’ Departments

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Candidates were able to study and test remotely, which simplified the seasonal employee qualification process and reduced the demand of human resource hours. Based on the success of this pilot program at Six Flags, Kentucky Kingdom, this CD-based seasonal employee orientation, training and testing program was implemented throughout most of the Six Flags organization, nationwide.