Porcini Restaurant

Goals and Deliverables:  Website Redesign - Video & Social Media Integration

Porcini's Logo
  • Draw attention to Make a Reservation, Directions, Menu and Wine List.

  • Give people a sense of the ambience and quality of the food being served.

  • Integrate social media to improve visibility, community and patronage.

  • Highlight the awards, testimonies and private dining services.

Deliverables:  Redesigned, Reorganized Website, with CMS, SEO and Social Media Integration

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Porcini is a restaurant in the historic Crescent Hill neighborhood of Louisville, Kentucky specializing in fine Northern Italian cuisine.

The site is designed and coded to accommodate both computer and mobile access since many people searching for a good place to eat will be mobile and will be accessing the site from a mobile device. The central placement of the Logo and Reservations button creates a focal point to draw attention to the primary function of the site. Photos and video are used to give potential patrons a great glimpse of the ambience and food being served. The Menu, Wine List, Directions and Hours of operation are prominent on the home page for easy access.